Shrooms or otherwise known as Psilocybin, magic mushrooms are plants that grow in the wild or also can be cultivated to be used for recreational or medicinal purposes in some regions. The herb mostly affects the mental state of a user and thus classified under the hallucinogen drugs. The drug distorts the users mind and provides a certain sense of relief for some time due to the hallucinations and paranoia brought by taking it. 

It can be taken in many ways including being smoked, being ingested like food or even having it like a drink. 

The Process 

As all products bought online, there are many sellers and suppliers, and they range from genuine ones to fake ones hence one needs to get the right one especially with products that are affecting the functions of the body mentally. The reviews from the site should give a clear indication of the working of the supplier and also how the consumers that bought the products feel about the quality and pricing of the product in comparison. 

On the buying of magic mushrooms, there are many ways of getting it. If the consumer has no qualms on their identity being revealed they often use their real names but if they want the whole process to be discrete there is an option of using a pseudo name. Some sellers let the consumer make an order on the product, buy it then the delivery will be done by their delivery people. This is one of the easiest of ways to get the product to the consumer and it is also relaxing to both parties as the seller gets the cash worth of the product and the consumer gets the product delivered right where they want it. The customer gets to use a selection of ways to pay for the product including credit and debit cards. Money transfers and in some cases the use of bitcoins which is not really that common. 

 On other cases, the payment of the product is done upon delivery and this is for the consumer’s peace of mind. The delivery man gets to take the payment on receipt of the item. The consumer can use all the other methods used before and the delivery person leaves when there is a confirmation or even use hard cash to make the payment. 


At the end of the day, the goal is for the consumer to get the product with the quality and quantity intact. Different companies have various ways in which they have arranged for the consumer to get the product but all the have in common is that the consumer is satisfied. The good thing about magic mushrooms is that they are mostly in a dried-up state when sending to the consumer for consumption thus reducing the possibility of spoilage while on transit. 

Online mushroom :-

Magic Mushroom Sales Online

Definition of Magic mushrooms; 

Is a type of mushroom which contains a drug and may make a person who  feeds on them believe they are seeing things that are not real. It is a drug that releases you from the mundane, when used with an open mind, hence may help one realise that his / her life is in a mess. They expand your perception of reality. Magic mushrooms are found in the genus psilocybin. They mainly grow in warm temperatures such as Eastern U. S, although they are available worldwide 

Effects of Magic mushrooms. 

The effects differ from one person to another. These includes ; 

  • Hallucinations. 
  • Intense emotions. 
  • Time distortion. 
  • Nausea 
  • Tremors. 
  • Flushing. 
  • Increased urination. 
  • Mystical experiences. 
  • Enhanced senses. 

A person who orders the mushrooms must be of 18 years and above, depending on the adult age of your country. It is very difficult to purchase ready-made magic kits from shops because of the government law’s and regulations to be followed. This makes online sales the best means instead. People are encouraged to buy the kit so as to get all the necessary materials for growing the mushrooms. 

What to buy during order placement. 

Buying mushroom kits is the best option to go for the growth of mushroom. An outline of instructions is given so as to ensure everybody is able to grow them. The size of harvest depends on the magic mushroom grow kit used. 

When you purchase the magic mushroom grow kit, you receive the bundle at your local postal office.  

How to place an order. 

Customers can order the mushrooms from the different websites online. For example ;Truffle magic website. As soon as your payment is made, your product is discreetly delivered. Terms and conditions are applied. Their policies protect the information provided by the clients who order online. The information required includes the: Name, Email address and the payment information. At times, the phone number is also requested. No detail is shared with any other companies or third party website.  

The products are shipped in a white envelope that only shows the name, address without any remarks or information. International shipping in Europe takes 3 to 5 days to arrive while shipment outside Europe takes 10 to 15 days. Only the customers would know  the contents once they arrive as they collect on their respective postal office. These online services have become very important and of beneficial to many. It ensures that the customers are able to receive the magic mushrooms without having to leave their home.  

How to pay: 

  • Bank transfer 
  • Ideal 
  • Bank contact 
  • Cryptocurrency. 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Bank transfer. 
  • Direct cash. 
  • Credit cards among others. 

In conclusion, the article talks about the magic mushroom online sales. It has gone deeper to identify the effects, placing an order, what to order and the means of payment. You should try it as it has the best of deals ever.  

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