Weed is an expensive item for frequent users, and when you continuously buy weed throughout the month, that can add up. But luckily, you can reduce your monthly expenses on weed and maximize your stash by adopting one or more of the following ways. Below are our top tips for saving money on your cheap weed delivery.

  1. Bulk purchasing

A prudent way to purchase weed is to get them in more significant amounts. Depending on the quantity purchased, many dispensaries give a bulk discount to regular customers, which can drastically reduce the cost per ounce. Although you pay more in a single transaction when you buy in bulk, in the long run, you can save money.

  1. Split quantities

Splitting up quantities of cheap weed can help you save money. Buy four quarters of different strains rather than buying an ounce. The price of a quarter would depend on the music. By splitting your purchase, you can save money and try out different strains. But first, check with the dispensaries if they let users split up the amounts.

  1. Shop around

All Online Dispensary Canada compete for the same market share, and you may find that some could be selling the same product at a lower price. Therefore, it is a best practice to shop for cheap weed delivery services every so often to see at what rates the other dispensaries sell the same strains. If you find your favourite music at a more affordable rate, talk to your budtender, who may match the price. 

  1. Use coupons

Coupons are a big deal in the weed industry. You can save significantly using savings. Check the website of the dispensaries in your area for online coupons. Depending on the day of the week, some dispensaries offer rock-bottom prices. But verify the authenticity of the coupons by speaking with someone in the company.


Smoke is not a habit but a reward for your performance or a well-done task. Instead of binge-smoking, wake up in the morning, lock into whatever daily projects you have, and light up once you’re done with your daily assignment. This way, you can smoke with a guiltless mind and make your euphoria feel better. If this is not possible, maybe it is time for a break.

Last word

A trend in the cheap weed delivery service industry is that although prices tend to be high initially, they tend to drop eventually. That is because the cultivation practices and means of production of cannabis are evolving due to the advancement of technology, resulting in larger yields. As supply increases, demand remains constant, and prices lower.