Adverse health effects of Marijuana on patients

Over a long period, there has been a lot of speculations, beliefs, and heated discussions as to whether Marijuana is harmful to the user or not. Many assumptions have been made – most of which favor the legalization of the drug as a harmless substance.

However, aside from popular beliefs, Cannabis does have a negative impact on the health of the user. This article seeks to expose the adverse effects of regular Use of Marijuana on patients.

The major effects are listed and expounded below.


What essentially begins as an experiment ends up being an overly-relied-on practice. The use of Marijuana, more so for young people, begins from a simple coaxing from friends and curiosity.

Peer pressure does play a major role in the use of the drug.

Another common cause, however, is whereby the user tries the drug due to insecurities. This happens majorly in situations where the user has family-related problems and seeks to find peace and a sense of belonging. The sad story, however, is that they don’t find what they want but end up in a more dangerous situation where they become slaves of the drug.

Brain health.

The brain is an essential part of the human body. Jeopardizing its ability to function normally, therefore, has an entirely terrifying outcome. Frequent use of Cannabis by both teenagers and adults leads to a disruption in brain development.

Some of the effects are seen in situations whereby a reduction in brain sensitivity is recorded in teenagers who abuse the drug from a very young age. The normal brain growth is hindered, thus resulting in a low learning capacity.

Impaired neural connectivity in specific parts of the brain regions can also be sighted. In extreme cases, schizophrenia is caused.

The use of Marijuana is, therefore, proving more dangerous than previously surmised.

Lung health.

Lung associated diseases have been known to be widely caused by tobacco smoking. Such include chronic bronchitis and corrosion of airways, among others. However, Marijuana also has adverse effects on the lungs, albeit in lower proportions. The likelihood of contracting lung-related diseases by marijuana smokers is higher than nonsmokers. The chances are, however, much higher for smokers of both tobacco and Marijuana.

Marijuana intoxications can cause ischemic attacks and even stroke in extreme cases.

Although the actual effects of Marijuana on various body organs are hazy and complex, it is downright evident that negative impacts on the lungs do exist.


The direct effects of Marijuana that lead to cancer are unclear due to the scarcity of exclusive users. The majority of Cannabis smokers abuse other drugs, thus making it difficult to figure out the extend if its effects. However, Marijuana does have properties of cancer-causing agents, thus proving its chances of causing cancer in various organs of the human body.

From the above-mentioned, it is safe to point out that Marijuana as a drug has negative health effects on the user, more so when used in excessive quantities at regular intervals Canadian online dispensary